It’s fair to say that Fantasy Sports were a revelation for us when we first encountered this phenomenon some years ago and the industry has come a long, long way since those paper-driven early days when we used to fill in a form provided by a newspaper and try to keep track of what was happening over the course of an entire football season.

The internet helped us out of course by providing countless stats and almost real-time updates of your teams’ standings but when we discovered Fantasy Sports it was clear things were moving in a new and exciting direction.

So we took the plunge and have barely looked back since – daily competitions in many different sports and almost endless chances to win cash prizes for small (and sometimes non-existent) entry fees was an opportunity too good to miss.

We like sports and sports betting so Fantasy Sports is an ideal combination; check in everyday, pick your team and watch the results unfold – millionaires have been made this way, not us yet but surely it’s only a matter of time 🙂

We’ve designed the Fantasy Sports Guru to show potential players what’s available in terms of trusted websites and the bonuses they offer to new and existing customers (and those bonuses are always good). If you’re still not sure they’re all free to use if you wish – cash competitions are an optional extra.

Feel free to browse our site and use our recommendations to decide for yourself how to get started – a little research costs nothing!

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