When you join a Fantasy Sports site it’s fair to say that you’re there to take part in the daily competitions with the ultimate intention of winning some money; however there’s a choice to make about which site to join and there are various tempting offers available to turn your head one way or another.

We are of course talking about the bonuses offered to new players just for signing up at a particular venue. If you’re familiar with the world of online casinos then these won’t be new to you and it’s also correct to say that Fantasy Sports sites aren’t quite as generous but there is free money to be had and we’ll tell you about it below.

Deposit Bonus

This is the most common type of bonus and it’s and it works like this:

You deposit a minimum amount of money on your first deposit and the website will match it to a certain percentage – this may be from 50% up to around 400% so it’s worth claiming. There’ll be an upper ceiling on the bonus so a strategic deposit is always wise. Here’s an example:

Let’s say a website offers a 100% bonus up to maximum of £100 – the ideal deposit amount is therefore £100 for a quick double up. deposit any more and it will have no effect on the bonus amount, deposit less and you’re not making the most of the offer.

Existing Player Bonus

Fantasy Sports sites want to keep players loyal as well as attracting new ones so as an existing player you will receive occasional offers which will enhance any deposits you make, usually over a limited amount of time. Different websites may offer different incentives to keep you playing.

Free Entries

This is a way to enter a paid tournament for nothing and it’s usually an offer just for new players. Generally you will make your first deposit and then you’ll receive a small amount of bonus credit to use as an entry into a tournament which would normally cost money.


Once you’re an existing player your friends can help you out by joining up and depositing through your personalised link; you will then earn a percentage of their spending. They can also do this of course so you might want to get all your friends joining through your link before anyone else finds out.

Loyalty Schemes

This is another feature for regular and loyal players to enjoy and it will usually reward you with some sort of loyalty points every time you spend some money. These points can be used to enter some specific competitions, transferred back into cash/bonus cash and also to help you climb some VIP ladder.

Wagering Requirements/Bonus Cash

This is the bad news part of this article because almost without exception the bonus cash you receive will have to used to enter more competitions – it can’t just be withdrawn unless you fulfil what are known as wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are a multiple of your bonus amount which must be ‘played through’ before any cash is withdrawn. The best advice is to treat bonus cash as a way to extend you play on the site rather than as a way to withdraw easy money.