DraftKings Fantasy Pick – 8/3/16

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Every day we bring you what we think are some sensible selection options based on today’s upcoming matches; we’re not going to promise that these are guaranteed winners because if we could do that we’d all be millionaires by now. These players are all solid picks based on recent stats and their next opponents so check them out.

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The Champions League is back this evening and we have two second leg games to enjoy – both should result in wins for the favourites but both also offer some points-scoring opportunities. This is our entry into DraftKings UCL Freeroll.

  • Wolfsburg vs KAA Gent
  • Real Madrid vs Roma
  • Zenit St Petersburg vs Benfica
  • Chelsea vs Paris St Germain


Goalkeeper Koen Casteels Wolfsburg £5.3m
Defender Sergio Ramos Real Madrid £8.4m
Defender Danilo Real Madrid £10.1m
Defender Robin Knoche Wolfsburg £8.3m
Midfielder Andre Schurrle Wolfsburg £6.1m
Midfielder Mohamed Salah Roma £10.5m
Midfielder Isco Real Madrid £8.8m
Midfielder Cardoso Neto KAA Gent £5.9m
Forward Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid £20.5m
Forward Max Cruse Wolfsburg £9.2m
Forward Simon Diedhou KAA Gent £4.6m


All our players are selected from Tuesday evening’s matches because we like the lineup we’d picked for Mondogoal’s Tuesday-only competition. We expect a win and plenty of possession from Real Madrid and an eventual victory (and some more goals) in the Wolfsburg/Gent fixture.


  • In goal we’ve picked Wolfsburg’s Koen Casteels who should grab a clean sheet if he is selected.
  • Robin Knoche is our second player from the German side but wathc out for the team selection as he is not always picked.
  • Madrid’s Danilo and Sergio Ramos are solid picks from the Spanish side who should keep a clean sheet against Roma.


  • Wolfsburg’s Andre Schurrle is a bargain choice here but should see plenty of the ball against Gent.
  • Roma’s Mohamed Salah is a capable goalscorer and if anyone can score points against Madrid, he has a chance.
  • Real Madrid’s Isco earns plenty of points for assists from midfield and will have plenty of possession.
  • Cardoso Neto is our bargain option here and any points from the Gent player will be a bonus.


  • We’ve saved enough money elsewhere to be able to pick Ronaldo up front and he virtually guarantees points.
  • Max Kruse is Wolfsburg’s top scorer and a solid fantasy pick.
  • Simon Diedhiou is another bargain pick from Gent but we have moderate hopes for a few points.

*In the event that certain players are not selected, last-minute changes may be required.

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