Let’s face it – unless we’re tweaking our Fantasy Sports teams while we’re supposed to be working, there’s a good chance we’re going to be drafting our various players on a mobile device of some description. Unfortunately there aren’t any dedicated apps available either for iOS or Android but that doesn’t matter because all of our recommended websites are well optimised for mobile use – that means whether you browse a particular site in landscape or portrait mode, everything is easy to see and navigate just as if you were sitting as your desktop computer.

Let’s have a quick look then at what you can expect to see on various devices:

iPad Front Page & Lobby

iPhone Front Page & Lobby

iPhone iPhone2

Android Front Page & Inner Page

As you can see there are some minor differences between the above devices and these depend on screen size and how up-to-date your smartphone or tablet is. It’s also worth noting that the Android and iOS versions gave us options to swap between a dedicated mobile site and small screen version of the desktop site. Using a tablet the screen is large enough to load up the desktop site with no issues whatsoever.

draftkings logoIf you’d like an icon on your desktop which makes you feel as though you’re opening an app then just open the website on your device (using Safari only on iOS) and follow the instructions to create a shortcut on your home screen. You will then see something like the icon to the right for quick access to DraftKings.