There was a time when our mobile devices were decreasing in size as hardware technology improved – now smartphone screens are getting bigger as their range of uses increases and for many of us they are the first device we turn to when searching for information, playing games or of course picking a Fantasy Sports team.

Like all good Fantasy Sports sites, FanDuel provides it’s players with a totally responsive website which resizes and reformats itself to every screen size. This flexible design means that a dedicated app is unnecessary but if you want the traditional feel of an app then we’ll show you how further down the page.

First of all we’ll demonstrate what FanDuel looks like on various mobile devices:

iPad Front Page & Lobby

iPhone Front Page & Lobby

iPhone iPhone2

Android Front Page & Lobby

As you can see there is some difference in the various versions, some of which is down to the screen size of your mobile device of choice. The iPad offers the biggest playing area but you can just as easily setup your teams and check the results on any of the above bits of technology.

You’ll have to login (and therefore have an account) to FanDuel to get started to see the various contests on offer but once that’s out of the way it’s a cinch to do what you need to do at the bus stop, on the train or just sitting in front of the telly.

fanduel shortcutIf you’d like the appearance of an app then you can just create a shortcut to the website using the instructions for your particular device. You will then have a shortcut similar to the one on the right and with one click you’ll be right where you want to be.