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Two large websites dominate Fantasy Sports in the United States – DraftKings and FanDuel; while DraftKings is a purely American invention, FanDuel was conceived in Scotland  but currently offers it’s services only to U.S. residents, but that situation is rumoured to be changing soon. FanDuel is a comprehensive Fantasy Sports site with plenty of sports covered and bonuses to offer and you can read about it in more detail below.

FanDuel offers four sports currently based over six competitions (the organisations are listed in brackets below):

  • American Football (NFL, CFB)
  • Ice Hockey (NHL)
  • Basketball (CBB, NBA)
  • Baseball (MLB)

The list of sports offered may not be quite as long as some other sites but that doesn’t matter as long as your activity of choice is there. The proof is also in the popularity and FanDuel claims to have the largest user base of any Fantasy Sports website.

There’s a huge number of competitions to enter on any particular day and of course there are freerolls for those saving their money all the way up to tournaments which cost thousands of dollars to enter but offer millions of dollars in prize money. FanDuel uses Stats LLC to provide it’s scoring stats which ensures a level playing field.

FanDuel Bonuses

Bonuses are often the main reason why players join a particular site and below you can see what FanDuel offers new and existing customers

There’s a new player bonus of 100% up to €200 and you receive this cash in an interesting way. You will receive real cash at a rate 4% of the entry fee of any tournaments you enter so there’s a built-in incentive to stay loyal and keep playing.

You can use the Refer-A-Friend option and sign players up using a personalised link; you will receive up to 35% of their tournament fees this way.

FanDuel Points also reward players for loyalty and are awarded varying numbers each time you enter a competition. These FDPs can then be used to enter paid contests or freerolls.

In addition to the above promotions there are always time-limited competitions available so it’s important to check out what’s on offer regularly.

Our Rating

FanDuel is as good as it gets, even if offers fewer sports than one or two other sites; the usability is excellent and the promotions for new and existing players are very tempting. As we’ve already said, millions of players can’t be wrong!

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Customer Service
Speed Of Payout