icon_american_footballAmerican Football is one of the original activities on which Fantasy Sports are based and it’s mass of players, tactics and statistics makes it an ideal subject for those willing to put some time and effort into drafting teams and entering competitions. With most websites the competitions will be based on NFL (National Football League) and CFB (College Football).

American Football has been described by George Will (a US Journalist and political commentator) as combining “the two worst things about America: it is violence punctuated by committee meetings” but we think that’s a little unfair. To the uninitiated viewer it may seem as though it’s a game of constant reorganisation punctuated by brief flashes of action but in reality it’s a supreme tactical contest played out by superb athletes.

If you’re going to have a punt at drafting a team for this sport we would recommend familiarising yourself with the leagues, the players, the form guides – all the same stuff you would check out for any other sport. There are loads of guides available elsewhere online so make sure you do your homework.

There are generally nine positions for you to pick as follows:

  • Quarterback
  • Running Back 1
  • Running Back 2
  • Wide Receiver 1
  • Wide Receiver 2
  • Wide Receiver 3
  • Tight End
  • Defense
  • One Flexible (QB, RB or WR)

Fantasy American Football Scoring

Finally you need to know how points are obtained and the list below will give you some idea of the complexity involved. This information is taken from the popular site FanDuel.com but points awarded are generally similar for each site that offers this service.

nfl points

There are always a vast number of tournaments available to enter and the entry fees will suit any budget (from free-to-enter all the way up to $10,000+). Of course competitions only take place on real-life match days so with American Football that’s usually Friday, Sunday and Monday.

So don’t be nervous about having a pop at this sport – use the free-to-enter competitions as a way to get informed and when your ready, it’s time to try and win some money.