icon_basketballFrom a European perspective, basketball is perhaps one of the most accessible American sports – it’s simple, it’s very fast and it involves constant action which suits an audience brought up on non-stop activities such as football (soccer) and rugby. Essentially two teams of five players have forty eight minutes of playing time (divided into four quarters) in which to throw the ball through a horizontal hoop ten feet in the air. There’s a bit more to it than that of course but there are lots of comprehensive guides available elsewhere online.

From a Fantasy Sports point of view it’s also therefore one of the simpler starting points if you’d like to have a pop at drafting in an American sport.

There may be five players on the court at any one time but you will usually be asked to pick eight or nine players within the salary cap. Generally your players will be from at least two different NBA teams and will occupy the following positions:

  • Point Guard
  • Shooting Guard
  • Small Forward
  • Power Forward
  • Centre
  • Guard
  • Forward
  • Utility

Fantasy Basketball Scoring

So once you’ve done your basketball homework and selected the required number of players it’s worth checking out how the scoring works and the chart below is a general guide (taken from Draftkings). As you can see it’s far simpler than the NFL competitions for example and therefore will require a bit less patient strategising to begin with.

basketball scoring

Generally the professional basketball season in the United States runs from October until April so of course that’s when Fantasy Basketball will be available to play. So why not give it a go – start with a couple of free-to-enter games to being with and when you’re ready to win the big bucks, go for it!.