fantasy football avoidWhether or not you agree with us that there are certain competitions within the world of Daily Fantasy Sports which are not worth entering probably depends on whether you play for fun or for money. If you’re playing Freerolls or entering the cheaper tournaments just for the enjoyment of the game then you don’t need to avoid anything; however if you take it more seriously then we would like to advise steering clear of the following scenarios, particularly in relation to football (soccer):

Competitions With Multiple Kick Off Times

If you’re serious about your DFS then you will know that just picking a team the previous day and leaving it is not the way to win; you must check the official line-ups about 30 mins before the matches start and swap your players around according to who has been picked and who has been omitted.

If the competition has kick off times which are, for example, 12:45 and 15:00 then the cut off time for swapping players will be around 15 minutes before the first match starts. Obviously this means that when the line-ups for the later matches are announced it’s too late to make any changes and you may be left with players in your selection who will not be getting a look-in.

You may argue that everyone is in the same boat in this scenario but it adds an unwanted element of luck and chance to what should be a more educated and scientific approach.

Competitions With Close Games

Most of your DFS points will come from matches which are one-sided; this isn’t always the case but in general we pick players from the better sides. We do this because the outcomes of those matches are relatively easy to predict and we can confidently expect clean sheets and goals from one of those teams.

When there are competitions which involve just two or three matches and those outcomes are hard to predict, it’s much more difficult to select players with any certainty. If you do enter these comps then it’s not a bad idea to hedge your bets by selecting players from a greater number of teams than you normally would.