For some of us, selecting a Fantasy Sports team every single day may be just about chucking a metaphorical dart at a screen full of player names and hoping that they come in under the salary cap. That’s fine if you’ve only got five minutes spare to make your choices but if you prefer to take a more scientific approach then there are a number of online resources available to help you on your way.

EA Sports Player Performance Index

This is a compiled list of player statistics which is used by the Premier League, the Championship and the Scottish Premier League, it’s updated following the final match on any particular gameweek. It combines six separate performance measurements to rank players in a list which becomes more accurate as the season progresses. It’s complied by the Press Association (PA) and was originally called the Actim Index before adopting it’s new name in 2010. These six indices are:

  1. Winning Performance – league points are shared between the players on a particular team according to how many minutes they have played.
  2. Player’s Performance Per Match – players earn points for doing constructive things such as clean tackles and shots, points are deducted for red cards, fouls and so on.
  3. Appearances – players earn points for minutes spent on the pitch playing; all points won by all teams in a particular week are divided by those playing minutes – wins or losses are u important here.
  4. Goals Scored – players earn points for scoring goals.
  5. Assists – players earn points for assists if they are the last person to touch the ball before the goalscorer.
  6. Clean Sheets – all players on a team earn points for clean sheets but they are awarded proportionately depending on the player’s position – goalkeepers and defenders obviously receive more.

Link: EA Sports Performance Index

Opta Sports

Opta is the giant sports data company which we’ve also written about here and it specialises in analysing data from thousands of sporting fixtures across dozens of sports in more than 70 countries.

Opta uses a veritable army of people to analyse events as they are happening to provide live data and they also take stats from none-live events such as DVD recordings of various fixtures.

If you want to get data directly from Opta you’ll have to pay for it but fortunately many larger organisations do this for us, using Opta’s services to provide an endless array of helpful information for free – for example all the football info at Mondogoal, DraftKings and FanDuel is provides by Opta.

Link: Opta Sports

Traditional Fantasy Leagues

Although we prefer to play daily Fantasy Sports there’s no reason why the statistics gathered and used by the more traditional season-long Fantasy Leagues can’t be used. The analysis of the matches is generally more in-depth than the daily versions and this can help to give a longer term view of how players are performing. There are team form guides, player recommendations and expert blogs to help us decide how to proceed.

Here are a selection of the best sites available and it’s worth mentioning that it’s not necessary to sign up to these competitions to view the stats:

Link: Premier League Fantasy Football

Link: The Sun Dream Team

Link: Telegraph Fantasy Football

Football Websites

There are plenty of football-related websites which offer every type of statistic you could possible want; some we use regularly are listed below but there are plenty more available:

Link: Statto

Link: BBC Football

Link: ESPN Football