When discussing golf we could quite easily be drawn into a debate about whether this activity is a sport or just a rather long walk around the countryside interspersed with brief moments of stress management. However, many play it and millions follow the progress of the various professionals who make their living this way so who are we to argue.

Golf might be one of the less obvious candidates for a Fantasy Sports competition but in fact it’s as measurable and statistics-driven as any of the other sports and if you haven’t checked it out already, you certainly should.

For a beginner, one of the benefits of Fantasy Golf is that there are very few competitions from which to choose so for those who dither when faced with multiple options, a tournament range of less then ten is something of a delight. Of course if you want dozens of options then it’s not so handy. Each competition follows the course of a real-life competition so they are only available on certain days.

Picking a roster of players is a relatively simple affair because the only restriction is the salary cap – there are no positions to worry about.

Fantasy Golf Scoring

Not all websites offer golf as a fantasy option but DraftKings is one that does and you can see their scoring chart below – there’s a surprising number of scoring opportunities for what is a pretty simple game so, as always, studying the form guides, types of course and various rules are important in making your draft choice.

draftkings golf

There’s a usually a free-to-enter competition for Fantasy Gold fans which is ideal for beginners; there might even be a bit of prize money available for the winner depending on the site you use so look out for the freerolls.