Ice Hockey is not a game we Brits tend to spend much time watching but according to various learned sources versions of this game were probably played in these isles long before the colonies were even formed. However that doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s most definitely dominated by six nations – the United States, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, Finland & Sweden. The Canadians can lay claim to defining the first version of the game as it’s played today.

Ice Hockey games consist of of five players on the ice at any one time – three forwards, two defenders and a goalkeeper. The hour-long games are divided into three 20 minute periods and goals are scored in the obvious manner – get the puck into the oppositions’ net one way of another. One of the surprising aspects of ice hockey is that fights seem to be permitted – ‘tolerated’ is probably a better word and the guilty parties will suffer post-game penalties.

Fantasy Ice Hockey is based on the National Hockey League which covers North American teams and it’s a sport that lends itself well to Fantasy Sports. It’s eminently measurable and the rules are pretty easy to get to grips with. You will generally need to pick a lineup of nine players and it’s available to play at ¬†DraftKings, FanDuel and StarsDraft.

Scoring is quite simple and illustrated in the screenshots below:

FanDuel NHL Scoring

fanduel nhl scoring

DraftKings NHL Scoring

draftkings nhl scoring

Having a stab at Fantasy Ice Hockey may even mean that you check out some live matches if you can find them on some remote digital channel – it’s certainly recommended and it will help familiarise you with how it all works (even the fights).

There are plenty of form guide available elsewhere online and there are generally free competitions to enter so why wait? Go for it!