As almost everyone knows by now, MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts and it’s the fighting competition that has taken the world by storm in the last couple of decades. There are rule variations in different codes around the around the world but the one most fans are familiar with is theĀ Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, used in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The rules have been refined over the years to take into account fighter safety, weight divisions and entertainment value and it’s well worth watching.

Fantasy MMA also works well because there are a number of technicalities which can be measured and compared and of course that’s the basis of any Fantasy Sport. Of the sites we use, DraftKings is the only one to offer Fantasy MMA currently and at that site the draft consists of five players picked within a certain salary cap.

Fantasy MMA Scoring

Scoring is as shown below with some obvious points gained such as 1st Round Win up against the less obvious Advance or Significant Strike.

draftkings fantasy mma

Fantasy MMA cannot occur as often as some other sports purely because the real-life competitions occur less frequently so if this sounds like your thing you need to make sure your dates are correct.

The infrequency of MMA competitions means that you may find there are no free competitions available; if there are, use them as a way to practice your strategy; if not, make sure you do some research before you spend some of your hard-earned cash – there are plenty of form guides available elsewhere online.