NASCAR is often viewed as some sort of second-rate motor sports contest, even if it’s home country of the United States. That’s extremely unfair because although it might not use the same space-age technology as Formula One, it’s fast, exciting and the drivers must be very skilful.

NASCAR is an acronym for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing and it’s clearly easier to use the shorter form of the name. Each race is between 400 and 600 miles in length and takes around several hours to complete. Most are oval circuits or slight variations of ovals but none would be familiar to those motor sports enthusiasts used to European tracks. The NASCAR season takes in 38 races over a period running from February to November and the final round is always held at the Homestead-Miama speedway.

If you’ve never encountered NASCAR before than trust us – it’s well worth checking out and it’s also ideal for Fantasy Sports.

DraftKings is the only one of our recommended websites to offer Fantasy NASCAR and competitions generally take place during the racing season on a Sunday when the real-life event is happening.

Fantasy NASCAR Scoring

Calculating scores in NASCAR is the simplest of all the sports because it’s essentially points for where your chosen driver finishes plus the following:

  • Place Differential (Qualifying Position +/- Finishing Position) – +/- 1pt per position
  • Fastest Laps – +0.5pts
  • Laps Led + 0.25pts

That’s it! Those are potential points which even the most novice players can easily understand and it’s why NASCAR is a good place to start if you want to dive straight in. There are always free-to-enter competitions as well so it’s even easier to get to grips with.

As always though we recommend researching your subject and there are loads of guides available online to get you started. Good luck!