“Why haven’t I heard of Fantasy Sports?”

That’s the big question for many potential players of Fantasy Sports and three are various reasons why these competitions appear to be some sort of secret for those not in the know.

It’s fair to say that in the UK we have been disproportionately preoccupied with our own version of Fantasy Football where we pick a team at the beginning of the season and tweak it along the way to try and rank as highly as possible by the end of the season. There can be prize money but you have to wait a long time for it and it’s tough to win. ¬†Fantasy Sports has to battle for players with this popular competition and of course it’s a crowded market.

Fantasy Sports have found a huge market in the United States because of the difference in online gambling regulation; we won’t get too technical here but online wagering is largely illegal in most of the US. Fantasy Sports are regulated differently and so extremely popular among those who enjoy sports betting can’t. It might look and feel like a bet, but legally it isn’t. Here in the UK we are unencumbered by any such restrictive legislation and can place bets on sporting events to our hearts content.

Due to the huge market for Fantasy Sports in the US there has so far been little or no effort to reach other territories. This will change as the US reaches saturation point and Draft Kings, one of the biggest websites, has already signalled it’s intent to enter the UK and European market. Others always follow the leader as those new markets gradually open up.

However there are ways to compete in these money-making competition already and you can browse our recommended sites at your leisure.