The world of Fantasy Sports only exists because of what’s happening in the real world and that means events affecting your players and teams must be mirrored on your particular favourite website. In the case of football (soccer) there are two transfer windows affecting the Premier League:

  • Summer Window – 1st July to 1st September
  • Winter Window – 2nd January to 1st February

Players that move between teams will clearly have an affect on your team’s performance although the short term nature of Fantasy Sports competitions means that you only need to pay attention to any movement during the transfer window. Below we’ve listed a few things to bear in mind when selecting a team during this period; most websites follow the similar guidelines:

Once competitions are set up for any given week then the player selection is fixed and no players will be added or removed, even if they are transferred after the competition starts.

  • If a player is swapped to a club in the same league then they will earn points in the usual way, just for a different team.
  • If a player joins a different league then he won’t any earn any points for the league he is leaving; additionally he will only gain points in competitions created after the transfer is complete.
  • You must still adhere to the maximum number of players from any team (usually four) so if a transferred player pushes that number in your selection to five you should quickly change it or face disqualification.

Transfer Tips

If you decide to pick a player who may be transferred imminently then bear in mind the following:

  • The likelihood of them being in the starting lineup immediately.
  • Any change of position which will affect points scoring.
  • Will his inclusion mean there are more than four players from one team in your selection?