team selectionSelecting a Fantasy Football lineup for a daily competition is a combination of footie knowledge, score predictions, an educated gamble on team selections, player form and of course some much needed luck. In the article we’re going to outline some of things we take into account when picking a team – sometimes our strategy works, sometimes it doesn’t but it’s always a good idea to follow some basic guidelines to maximise your player’s potential and minimise any damage.

Leave It As Long As Possible To Save Your team Selection

This is important in daily competitions because it allows you the time to see the particular teamsheets for any given matches; you can then avoid gambling on players who might be left out of the starting XI. Team selection should be possible until around ten minutes before the matches start so don’t leave it too late.

If you want to pick your team some time in advance then try as much as possible to research who will be in those starting XIs, with particular reference to avoiding suspended and injury-prone players.

Check Which Matches Are Shoe-Ins

Obviously you will want to pick players from teams which are likely to win and it’s even better if they keep a clean sheet. Some basic football knowledge should help determine which are the favourites (usually but not always the home teams) but checking out betting sites such as Sky Bet will also point you in the right direction, especially when it comes to the odds of scoring multiple goals and keeping clean sheets.

Who Takes The Free Kicks, Corners & Penalties?

Although there are generally no points awarded just for taking free kicks, corners and penalties, these dead ball events are opportunities to provide assists and, in the case of free kicks and penalties, score goals. A quick Google search will show you who these players are and they are definitely valuable.

Keepers Earn Points For Saves Too

Goalkeepers don’t just earn points for clean sheets, they earn them for saves too; generally though they will lose more points for conceding goals than making a save so selecting a keeper who you think can make lots of saves can be something of a gamble.

Passing Teams Should Score More Than Direct Teams

While the above statement may not always be true, a successful pass of the ball from one team mate to another is rewarded with a small points award (at Mondogoal it’s 0.03).

Check The Discipline

Fouls committed along with red and yellow cards all mean a points deduction so don’t pick a team full of nutters unless you want to end up with a minus points tally.