DraftKings is one of the biggest and best of the websites offering Daily Fantasy Sports to fans who’d like a chance to select their own lineups in various sports and try and make some money in the process. This is our guide to setting up and account and picking your first team.

Signing Up At DraftKings

The first thing to do is to open an account which is of course free; just click the ‘Play Now’ button on the homepage and you’ll be prompted to open an account with the box below. Fill in the all the relevant details and when you’re done just click ‘Sign Up’ to complete the process.


draftkings signup


Playing At DraftKings

DraftKings offers competitions in many different sports so the first thing to do when faced with the lobby screen is to pick the sport in which you have an interest. The sports are circled in red below and because our main interest is football (soccer) we are in the ‘FOT’ section.

draftkings lobby

The bottom half of the screen contains the footie competitions available to enter but there are many ways to narrow this choice down. The options on the left hand side will filter by entry fee, type of contest and field size and up at the top you can select a competition on a particular day. By using the filter to search for free to enter tournaments (freerolls) on the upcoming Saturday we’re given one choice as you can see below.

draftkings filter

Just click enter to head to the next screen which is where we start to pick our players. As you can see from the screenshot below the players are listed in the box on the left, sorted by position using the small tabs above. The games are listed at the top of the screen (along with the weather forecast) and be clicking on one or more matches you are narrowing the player list down to those involved in these fixtures.

draftkings pick

The hard work and research is now down to you so if you click on a player you’ll see some stats relating to him; if he looks like the man for the job just click the green ‘plus’ at the end of the row to add him. When selecting a football team you need one goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders, two strikers and one utility player (from any position) for a maximum salary of $50,000.

When you’re happy with your selection just click the orange ‘Enter’ button to complete the job; you can come back and edit this team anytime before kickoff.

N.B. It’s probably worth mentioning that as an American site, the home and away teams are not listed as we in the UK would expect – ¬†Arsenal vs West Ham means Arsenal¬†at West Ham and not the other way round.