If you’ve already signed up with Mondogoal or are seriously thinking about taking the plunge then allow us to furnish you with more details concerning the signup process and how to get started once you’re all ready to go with one of our recommended Fantasy Sports betting sites.

Signing Up At Mondogoal

Signing up for an account is very easy and it of course it costs nothing – you won’t even need to provide any payment details until you’re quite ready to spend some cash there. Shown below is the signup screen so type in your email address, make up a nice, secure password, select you country and away you go!. If you have a promo code then stick it in the lower box.  Follow the remaining instructions and boom! – you are now a member at Mondogoal.

mondogoal signup

Playing At Mondogoal

You may justifiably feel that you don’t need a guide to playing at Mondogoal but if you do then read on – it’s a step-by-step guide to getting started.

1. Once signed in, navigate to your dashboard where you will see the list of upcoming competitions. These can be filtered using the the little flags, the currency amounts or the column headings. In this example we’ll enter a free competition so click the word ‘Fee’ until the free competitions are listed first.

mondogoal play1

2. We’re going to enter the ‘Forfeit Battle League Week 12’ as shown in the screenshot above so click there and the ‘General Info’ screen will open. This displays everything you need to know such as matches covered, the entry fee, the prizes and the closing time. Now click ‘Create A Lineup’.

mondogoal play2

3. Now the fun really starts as you get to pick your team using a very well designed interface. You must fill in all the positions indicated below by selecting from the long list of players underneath on the website. All these players can filtered by team, position, price or you can can just search for a particular one. Of course your total salary must remain within £100,000,000. Click the little green ‘plus’ button to the right of a particular player and he will added to the team; the remaining salary will amount will drop accordingly. Once you’re happy with your team, click ‘Save’ and you’re all done. If you’d like to enter another competition with the same lineup then that’s easily accomplished too.

mondogoal pitch

Shown below are several players with accompanying statistics:

mondogoal points

This is what all those little acronyms stand for:

  • GP – Games Played
  • G – Goals
  • A- Assists
  • SOT – Shots On Target
  • PKM – Penalty Kicks Missed
  • PC – Passes Completed
  • M – Minutes Played
  • YC – Yellow Cards
  • RC – Red Cards
  • FW – Fouls Won
  • FC – Fouls Committed
  • PPG – Points Per Game
  • P – Total Points

4. Now you just need to sit back and watch the points roll in as the matches take place. Hopefully you’ll win some money but if not, just try again.