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Most of us want to use our mobile devices in place of our desktop computers these days and that means the websites we use must either be formatted and responsive for mobile use or provide us with an app we can download and use at our leisure.

It’s fair to say that dedicated apps are a bit thin on the ground at the moment although there are rumours that the big sites (including Mondogoal) will have iOS and Android software available soon. We don’t think this matters though because the sites are designed in such a user-friendly and responsive manner that apps are unlikely to improve the user experience greatly, if at all.

For example below we have the various versions of the front page and the lobby screen:

iPad Front Page & Lobby

iPad iPad2

iPhone Front Page & Lobby

iPhone iPhone2

Android Front Page & Lobby

android android2

We would argue that they’re all very usable and of course the difference in size of your phones in particular will give you more or less screen space as you can see from the iPhone and Android lobby screenshots.

Each mobile site works in the same way and once you press the ‘Play Now’ button you will be prompted to sign up or login – if you just want to browse the site and check out the contests on offer you can easily navigate past this by closing that box.

android bookmarkOnce you’ve logged in (or not) it’s now a cinch do enter competitions in the usual way – it’s accomplished in the same way as doing it on the desktop so there are no surprises.

If you like the impression of using an app even if one doesn’t yet exist then just navigate to the mobile site and follow your devices’ instructions to save it to the home screen. You’ll then end up with something that looks like the icon on the right on your screen for easy access.