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Although we should see a whole host of websites entering the UK market in the coming months, for now Mondogoal is the only company providing this service and it’s happy to concentrate on footie only. This is no bad thing because it gives us time to learn about how those unfamiliar American sports work before we start spending our hard-earned money there.

So Mondogoal is a soccer-only website which does one job very well indeed. It offers a range of Fantasy Football competitions all of which are daily or weekly – some cost nothing at all to enter (a sort of football freeroll) but most will have an entry fee ranging from a couple of quid to several hundred. Of course the more expensive it is to enter, the greater the potential prizes and these are generally several thousand pounds to share amongst the top few players.

Mondogoal offers potential players from a number of leagues including:

English Premier League French Ligue 1
English Championship Brazilian Brasileirão
English League Cup Mexican LigaMX
English FA Cup UEFA Champions League
Major League Soccer UEFA Europa League
Italian Serie A UEFA European Championships
Spanish Ligue BBVA FIFA Men’s & Women’s World Cup

All the stats are taken from Opta so you can be sure everyone is playing from the same level playing field. You can even mix players from different national leagues as long as they are competing on the same day.

Mondogoal Bonuses

Everybody likes a little incentive to join a particular site and at Mondogoal there’s a deposit offer of 200% on your first deposit so make it count. For those used to online casinos the way the cash comes back to you is a little different as explained below.

You will receive the bonus back as real cash but only at a rate of 4% of a league entry fee. For example if you enter a £25.00 league you will receive £1.00 back in your account as real cash. It’s an interesting idea and one which should suit most players as well as promoting loyalty.

Our Rating

We’ve been really impressed with Mondogoal since we signed up and it’s those daily freerolls which have us picking a line-up every morning. In terms of website design and usability there’s really nothing to complain about – it’s dead simple to pick a team and very easy to filter players on various terms when you are doing so. The points scoring system is clear and obvious and the results are always in very quickly.

Range Of Sports
Customer Service
Speed Of Payout