red card eplAt it’s most basic level Fantasy Football is about scoring goals, creating assists and keeping clean sheets but as we’ve discussed in various other articles there are other ways to accrue points, especially in terms of passing and taking set pieces. However it’s also possible for outfield players to lose points and in this article we’ll talk about how that can happen and how to avoid it.

Red Cards & Yellow Cards

Poor discipline is the main reason why your outfield players are likely to lose points and the loss is quite disproportionately high which means that a red card can easily mean the difference between reaching the cash places in a tournament and failing to do so.

A typical points system night offer +7 for scoring a goal but -5 for a red card and -2 for a yellow card so it’s easy to see how a player who collects plenty of bookings and the odd sending off can cost us any chance of success when playing Fantasy Football.

As an example which should give some pause for thought, as of February 2016, Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas has gained more passing points than anyone else but ┬áhas also been booked eleven times and sent off once in 34 matches this season. Feel free to pick him for his passing ability but be aware that he has the worst disciplinary record in the Premier League.

Not quite as important but still significant are players who commit many fouls; one foul results in a -.05 score so think twice before selecting that no-nonsense midfielder – he’ll probably get booked in the end anyway and lose even more points.

Keep yourself informed about player discipline by checking any one of the footie stats websites out there.

Penalty Misses

Penalty misses are obviously not a symptom of poor discipline but you will score -5 if a player manages to smash the ball over the bar or the goalkeeper saves it. It’s difficult to avoid because you ned to include penalty takers in your side but predicting a miss is more or less impossible.