If you’re thinking of kicking off a potentially lucrative hobby in Fantasy Sports then you need to know who provides the statistics for the website you will using. Obviously no respectable site will attempt to come up with their own proprietary system when there are services out there who have all the stats at their fingertips. The information includes the obvious (goals scored) to the more obscure (penalties missed, tackles won). This keeps things fair and reliable for all involved and we have more information about those companies below.

logo_optaOpta is a name familiar to sports fans in the UK and part of the larger Perform Group. Opta was formed in 1996 with the merger of Opta Sportsdata and SportingStatz  and acquired by Perform Group in 2013 for around £40. It’s based in London with offices in a number of European and South American countries and provides live sporting data for more than 60,000 fixtures across 30 sports from 70 countries.

Providing data to Fantasy Sports companies is an obvious fit for Opta but it’s list of clients is long and diverse – betting companies, news outlets and television broadcasts  among others all use the information but so do sports clubs who use that data to help improve player performance and make team selection easier. While Opta’s focus has traditionally been football/soccer it also covers rugby, cricket and various Olympic disciplines.

STATS_Nav_Logo1-300x173Stats LLC is the second of our data providers and while we tend to associate Opta with football, Stats is more concerned with American sports and that’s entirely reasonable considering this is a U.S. company headquartered in Illinois and incorporated back in 1981to collect baseball stats. The STATS of the title is an acronym for Sports Team Analysis and Tracking Systems. In 2014 Stats was acquired by Vista Equity Partners.

Stats LLC provides data for all four of the main U.S. sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) but it also provides data for various organisations and sporting clubs around the world who will use the information as they see fit.

Some of our recommended websites will therefore use data from both companies if they provide Fantasy Sports options for U.S. focused sports as well as what we call football.